Solugenix Expands Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives with Community Service and Recycling Programs

Dec 23, 2018 3:05:00 PM

Solugenix Corporation announced today that it would be bolstering its Corporate Social Responsibility Program. The company is placing a heightened emphasis on two specific areas to include community service projects and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Part of the expanded Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative is to coordinate quarterly community service projects and increase the number of actions that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the company’s carbon footprint.

“We are firm believers in doing the right thing for our community and our world. We are committed to doing our part and actively engage in practices that will make a difference today and for future generations.”Jemma David, VP of Enterprise Support Services at Solugenix.

The newly expanded corporate responsibility program is a demonstration of Solugenix’ commitment to supporting the communities around them and doing what is needed to create a better future. As a global organization, this marks the beginning of the company’s larger endeavor to create a lasting impact on a global level.

About Solugenix

Back when IBM and Burroughs were focused on selling hardware and throwing in software and services as an afterthought, Solugenix was the first company to specialize in software development and services. Since then, we've outlasted all of our competitors and have maintained a stable team for more than 50 years.

Now with more than 1,200 employees, we've expanded our core competencies to include: product development & management, help desks & support centers, ServiceNow® implementations & support, professional staffing, and business process automation technologies, including RPA, AI and Machine Learning (ML).

Our corporate headquarters is in Brea, Calif.,  with additional offices around the globe. For more information, visit or call 866-749-7658.

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